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About us - How it works is a free Irish online service based in Ireland. helps you to find tradesmen and to help you get up to 4 quotes for your job. All you need to do is to fill in the simple form which asks you to describe the type of job you need to do and what type of tradesman you are looking for. We then locate and inform the tradesmen who are available and who are willing to quote for the jobs in your area. The tradesmen are asked to contact you and organise to give you a quote.

We also offer a unique feature where you can read real customer reviews, giving you valuable insights into the quality of work and service provided by each tradesman before making a choice.

The tradesmen benefit by getting an opportunity to grow their business and as a home or business owner, you benefit by getting up to 4 quotes from rated tradesmen.

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"I think your website is excellent, and I've passed it on to friends and family and also to some tradesmen friends." - Helen Butler, Limerick

"You referred three tradesmen to me. I employed one of them and was delighted with the work. On time, very thorough, cleaned up properly afterwards. I would highly recommend him." - Brian Boyle, Dublin

"One phone call came out of the add and we agreed on a price within a week. He came on time, did the job, and was payed. Both of us were happy with the job. Neighbours saw his clean working way and offered him more work straight away but he was leaving the country within the week. A very good Irish worker. Pitty he did not stay, a lot of work around by mouth for good workmanship. I was happy with your web site and will use it again." - Gary Curtin, Cork

"1. You hired a tradesmen from our website : Yes 2. What price you were quoted for the job : 450 Euro, although first quote from another tradesman was higher at 600 Euro. 3. How would you rate the job completed : very high. Overall I was very satisfied with the service you provide. Well done, keep up the good work." - Mark, Dublin

"1. Yes I did hire from your Website 2. Quotes ranged from 3,800 to 1,400 3. Excellent." - Ronan Doyle, Kildare

"I hired a tradesmen via your website. What work has been undertaken was carried out with great respect to me and my home, is a high standard, and the area was left very clean." - Noeleen McDonnell, Dublin

A Vision Takes Shape: The Birth of

The inception of dates back to 2005 when the idea was first conceived. By 2008, this idea had evolved into a fully operational platform, and the journey since then has been characterised by remarkable growth and success, benefiting both homeowners and tradesmen alike.

Proudly Irish: A Legacy of Remarkable Achievements is 100% Irish owned and has demonstrated its exceptional capabilities through a series of impressive achievements. From winning the O2 Sales Pitch Competition to appearing on TV3, receiving accolades such as the Irish Enterprise Awards Laois, and earning recognition in the blogging world, has continually strived for excellence. These accomplishments not only validate the platform's commitment to its users but also showcase its potential for future growth and success. As continues to connect homeowners with rated tradesmen, it remains a trusted and innovative force in the world of online home improvement services.

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