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Install Swann NVR 4 Cam CCTV system Drogheda Louth


Installation of a Swann NVR security system. 4 cameras to be positioned (2 front, 1 side, and 1 rear of house) and PoE cables to be run (preferably through wall spaces) to central unit. Location of central unit yet to be decided. Central unit will be connected to broadband router via ethernet cable, so adjacent to broadband router might be viable, but may not be best placement. Would prefer someone with experience of installing security systems who can advise best placement for central unit and optimum positioning of cameras for most effective coverage.

Budget: €30 - €300 (this is just a rough guide, quotes may be less than or greater than the budget specified)

When to Proceed: Immediately

Created on: 10/03/2021

Number of tradesmen listed for this type of job: 94

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