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Washing machine check Rathcoole Dublin

Washing machine check Rathcoole Dublin is job number 207754 posted at


Washing machine tripped electric and when this was back there were no lights up on machine's dashboard (it was about 2 mins from finishing up). I changed socket and this didn't work, even checked with other appliances which did work. So I got new fuse and still no lights on dashboard. I drained out water from the front of machine and cleaned out any debris but nothing. Its a Hoover Echo Technology Dynamic W& D 6 + 5 WDYNS 654D. It is just refusing to switch on and hadn't finished its wash at the time. I also have 3 other lights (2 external lights and one kitchen mini strip light) which I don't know how to remove from its place. Just need to know how to remove them or get them replaced? Can you text me as I can't hear well on phone. Thanks.

Budget: €30 - €100 (this is just a rough guide, quotes may be less than or greater than the budget specified)

When to Proceed: 1 week

Created on: 25/11/2016

Number of tradesmen listed for this type of job: 111

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